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The Chief Martech Officer Team and Dan Tyre kicked off with an Ellen-style photoshoot

The first SD Inbound event of 2019 was a huge success! Almost 100 marketers from all over San Diego County converged downtown for a 4-hour workshop lead by Dan Tyre. Dan was one of HubSpot’s first hires. Today, he’s Director of Sales, full of endless energy and talents. He is a mentor, advisor, and speaker, as well as the author of the recently published book ‘The Inbound Organization‘.

In this blog, we share highlights from the event, focusing on how leaders can build their company’s future around inbound marketing principles.

Inbound Marketing: The difference 5 years can make 

After Dan delivered about 30 minutes of quality stand-up comedy, he started the workshop by asking the audience what we thought had changed the most in business and marketing in the past 5 years. The four topics below were discussed.

  • Customers are more involved

In the past, companies did more ‘outbound’ selling that included cold calling customers and educating them about a product or service over the phone to solidify the sale. These days, the customer is more involved in the buying process, doing their own research and contacting sales when THEY are ready. Often times they don’t need a salesperson at all. Factoring in this change to the buyer’s journey can help you to start thinking about the shift of outbound to inbound marketing.

  • Companies are investing more in marketing

Because this IS the foundation of inbound. Inbound marketing is what brings more qualified leads to your website, so you can nurture them down a funnel and present the sales team with people who are ready to buy.

  • Challenges of growing a business in an online world

Competition is fierce. In 2007, the average company had 6 competitors, and in 2018 they have an average of 44!

  • Employee retention

Adopting more inbound marketing principles can help you to retain employees. Dan stated that 97% of people will leave a professional relationship without notice in this era. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, these consist of millennials leaving in the heat of emotion.

Facing the challenges of Inbound Marketing in 2019

In the world of marketing, inbound principles suggest that you need to build the foundation within your company that will sustain the relationship with your customers. This includes getting to know your customers better. So how do you do this? Dan talked about the points below:

  • Develop a new identity for your sales team

As the marketing role now gathers the majority of new leads for a company, the sales role needs to be redefined. Inbound marketing principles define the marketer’s responsibility to attract visitors to the website with high-quality content. The goal here is to nurture these leads through to the bottom of the funnel, at which point they’re sales qualified and ready to talk to someone. Once this happens, the sales team can take over and speak to an educated buyer that knows you can solve their problem. This changes the sales conversation quite a bit and helps sales to close more deals.

  • Treat prospects as humans

This is a MAJOR inbound marketing principle as you want to be able to understand who your buyer is, what their challenges are, and how you can add value. This also helps you to understand which prospects are not an ideal customer, and why shortening the sales process makes it more efficient.

  • Be helpful in the sales process and offer something for free

This could be educational content, a consultation, a demo, or a sample product or service. These are all great ways to distinguish your company from the competition. It shows your human side and that you care about your buyer enough to provide them something of value at little or no cost. This small act of kindness can also help to retain customers in the long run, creating great testimonials and fans of your brand.

  • Be experience-based

Your buyer’s priorities are not your product or service. They want to solve their problems and have an enjoyable experience while doing so. Ensuring that the entire buyer’s journey—from visiting the website, to talking to sales, to purchasing and using the product or service—is flawless will retain current customers and help you to gain new ones.

  • Be data-driven

Using analytic reports will help you to understand how your visitors, leads, and customers are interacting with your company online. This is instrumental in creating and maintaining a flawless customer experience.

  • Be diverse and inclusive

Inbound marketing principles also state that a healthy, successful company is diverse in staff and inclusive of all genders and race. This is not only important for your company culture and morale, but it shows your prospects and customers that you respect all backgrounds and that your products and services can be a solution for a diverse range of people.

Creating an Inbound Marketing Company Culture

Retaining employees and growing your business have more in common with your company culture than you think.

Dan let us in on a little secret: HubSpot’s culture code is the most downloaded SlideShare in the history of SlideShare. It demonstrates their commitment to creating a great company culture, which attracts an extremely large amount of applicants.

Because of this, Dan said it’s statistically harder to get hired at HubSpot than to get into Harvard or MIT University! FUN FACT: HubSpot hires less than 2% of people who apply.

So why should you care?

Inbound marketing principles state that happy employees = more happy customers.

  • Ge to know their values

When you know what values are important to the people you want to work with, you will attract and retain more of these types of people.

  • Be committed to both mission and metrics

Commitment to your company’s mission (in addition to its bottom line) will always help you gain the respect and devotion of your employees and customers.

  • Inbound recruiting

The key to scaling a business in 2019 is not about the product or service you are offering; it’s about your people and creating a meaningful culture. Inbound marketing organizations are always hiring and on the search for great talent.

Key takeaways of the Inbound Marketing workshop

Dan wrapped up the workshop by reiterating the importance of adopting inbound marketing principles throughout your organization, and why you should make sure your best customers become your advocates.

In 2019, your customers have more selling power and are trusted more by fellow consumers than your sales team. By getting to know them, solving their problems, and retaining happy, rockstar employees, you will experience growth and success.

Inbound Organization Certification

We at Chief Martech Officer are the first company to earn the Inbound Organization Certification badge. This is a certification created by SD Inbound to help marketers elevate their skills, take action, and practice the principles of inbound.

Attending Dan’s workshop was the first step on the path toward this certification, and we had so much fun putting what we’ve learned in practice!

Portfolium Inbound Organization Certification

If you are a small to medium size company that would like help developing inbound marketing principles for your organization, book a complimentary consultation with us now.

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